Food, friends and books – a fabulous combination.  Our book club has been going for 10+ years, members have changed, the core has remained.  We are five women of varying ages and varying tastes in books.

Why Potts Point?  That’s where we most often meet, in the gorgeous apartment of our friend Sally.

What makes our book club special?  Well, it’s tempting to say it’s the food – and that’s certainly part of it.  As well as the food, it’s the way our book club is organised.  We meet every six weeks or so, and we read whatever we like to read in the interim – there’s no set book we all ‘must read and discuss’.  We read all sorts of books, and bring to book club one or two books we have particularly enjoyed or been challenged by.  After our tea / coffee / treats (we take turns at contributing either something sweet or something savoury to eat), we gather around an up-until-now empty coffee table, and begin to return any of the books we’ve previously borrowed.  As we return a book we share our impressions and thoughts about it – writing style, topic, characterisations, themes and so on.  The ‘returns’ get piled on the coffee table.  And when everyone has returned their books, we begin sharing our new books.  Again we talk about content, themes, and why we liked/loved/were intrigued by the book.  These books too get piled on the coffee table.  And there’s no ‘rule’ saying each person needs to bring a new book – we are a ‘rule free’ zone.  The combined returns and newbies make for a coffee table laden with literary treats.  We then each choose one, two or more books we’d like to read.  Returns that have ‘done the rounds’ are gathered up and taken home.  We think it’s a brilliant model for a book club – please feel free to take this idea and start your own chapter!


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