food first….

food first....

Our savoury treat this bookclub looks so yummy that I wanted to put it straight up on our blog…Marie has promised to post the recipe.
Today we welcomed RY to our bookclub and as usual had a feast of food followed by a feast of books. Great to see some new authors that we can now experience.



August 10, 2013 · 6:33 am

2 responses to “food first….

  1. And what a great store of books Rani added to the already bulging cache!And Rachel it was all a bit ‘boo-hoo without you’, but as you can see we enjoyed some delicious food, and heaps of books. Happy reading over yonder…B

    • Rachel of Potts Point Book Club

      So glad you all had a lovely Book Club with new member R! Can’t quite believe it has taken place with me being across the world, but actually it just feels like I am on holiday at the moment… I am not really reading – being very slow right now. “I’m Not Scared’ by Niccolo Ammanti is one I am slowly getting into. Lots of love xxx

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